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VIM3 Mining Edition

  • VIM3 Mining Edition
  • VIM3 Mining Edition
  • VIM3 Mining Edition
  • VIM3 Mining Edition
  • VIM3 Mining Edition
  • VIM3 Mining Edition
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The VIM 3 ME (Mining Edition) is a cost reduced Version of the VIM 3 coming with a custom Linux optimised for CPU-Mining on an 8GB microSD.

Compared to the regular price of the VIM3 PRO you can save a lot. Check the best version fitting you, especially if you own some Coins, it can be a gift from Heaven.

Difference to the Stock Model of the VIM 3 Pro:
No EMMC modul

Different Version:
Early Bird (limited in numbers) (limited numbers, if you pay with TELOSCOIN you can save 3%)
Mining Edition (if you pay with TELOSCOIN you can save 3%)
XBTX Edition (only payable in XBTX or EURO, you will get a T-shirt too)
TELOS Edition (one payable with TELOSCOIN or EURO you will get a T-shirt too)
NHS Edition (only payable with TELOSCOIN, BTC or EURO and limited to 10 Units)
Cluster Editions (only available for shipping in Germany or in Colocation worldwide. Colocation means we keep the HW here and keep it running for you. Electricity is covered by us which makes it interesting for long time execution )

Each Coins Community Edition comes with one free t-shit of your choice.

Attention! Shipping-costs are not covered by the price show here for preordering.
The production Time is 30-35days for this batch. Shipping must be payed later based on the real costs to you. We cover the "packing and boxes" but not the shipping via DHL, FEDEX, UPS or whatever will be the best based on you final quantity you order.

The cost reduction is possible due to the following differences compared to the stock VIM3 Pro model:

The differences between ME and PRO are:


A. top of the Board
  • WIFI & Bluetooth Module - No
  • Antennas for WiFi and Bluetooth - No
  • IR receiver - No
  • GPIO 2×20 Pins - No
  • USB-A - NO 1
  • Connectors for RTC Battery - No
B. Back side of the board
  • 30 pin FPC Cable for display - No
  • 30 pin FPC Cable for camera - No
  • 10 pin FPC Cable for Touch panel - No
  • M.2 Key for SSD - No
  • Wake on Lan Function - No
  • GPIO Extension Chipset - No
  • Gsensor - No

ALL BOARDS Come with a 8gb MicroSD card and a custom Ubuntu Image with simple TEXT-Mode GUI for easy access without eating resources similar to this:


THE CLUSTER EDITIONS CONSIST OF 94 VIM3 ME BOARDS, 2 100MBIT switches, 3 120A PSUS, 3 FAN KITS to keep everything cool, the BlueReactor Housing and Colocation incl. power and ethernet a life long (which means as long as the unit keeps working) We give a warranty on the Bluereactor of 2 Years but we can replace pieces if they get broken later if you cover the costs (eg.. splitter .. replacement boards .. and so on plus work)

With a total power of up to 75000H/m such a cluster you can mine coins as like XBTX, HCC and others like a champ and don't need to fear energy costs.


The Warranty for the makes VIM 3 boards is 12 months in form of a "we don't ask any question kind of warranty"


VIM3 Early Bird Edition


VIM3 Miner Edition


VIM3 Miner XBTX Edition


VIM3 Miner TELOSCOIN Edition


VIM3 Miner NHS Edition


VIM3 Early Bird Edition BULK of 100


VIM3 Early Bird Edition BULK of 200


VIM3 Cluster Edition Colocation


VIM3 Early Bird Cluster Edition Colocation


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