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TELOS Piggybank

  • TELOS Piggybank
If you pay in TELOS you get a discount of 30%. If you pay with XBTX we grant a discount of 20%

The Piggybank is your POS and MN management central with super low power demand but still enough grunt to mine XBTX.

The TELOS PiggyBank is preconfigured for TELOS (Staking) and BitcoinSubsidium (Mining) A power supply unit is included.
The Bitdorado Edition allows whitelisting in the Bitdorado Pool. Your wallet receives a share from the pools like Premium-Members. You can leave one coin, one wallet whitelisted and continue to profit from Bitdorado Listings .
Nowadays, Bitcoins can only be produced with special devices, so-called ASICs. This process requires an extremely high amount of energy and yields are dwindling as the difficulty progresses faster than technical progress. As an alternative to the power-hungry Proof of Work concept of the original Bitcoins, an energy-saving variant of the PoS, Proof of Stake, has developed. Since ARM single-board computers, such as mobile phones, are very economical, they may have a low power output, but in terms of power consumption they are highly efficient. Additionally, staking uses only a fraction of the CPU time... you could say the device is bored. After switching on you will find the Transcendence program icon on the desktop. Double-click it to start the wallet and generate a receiving address. You can also add further addresses that will be merged into one wallet. As long as the pig is on, you will regularly receive 10 telos depending on the network size. With each additional telos, their weighting and thus the frequency of payouts will increase in your direction. Your digital piggy bank thus fills up by itself. The more TELOS are on the wallet, the greater the likelihood of being rewarded in each block round. Scope of delivery: Ubuntu 20 on microSD Access to the Bluepool which makes XBTX Mining accessible even for weak computers. You get 2 years warranty Please make a backup of your wallet on a USB stick* after you have received your TELOS. This way you will not lose your savings after a damage to the device. You can also export your private key and put it printed out in a safe. Safety first!
Due to holidays, the delivery time can be up to 14 days. 


Piggybank V3


Piggybank V3 Corona Edition


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